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Nee Summer! episode 1

Yuta Yamauchi had one older sister who couldn’t get up. She is Kei Higashide, his cousin.
One day, Yuta finds out that she was amazed when she saw a picture of his favorite woman taken with his mobile phone.
Kei trampling his crotch while taunting Yuta’s sloppy appearance.
However, the penis being tossed with her feet grows bigger and bigger without going against the physiological phenomenon, and Kei who sees it up close turns her face bright red.

Kei came to Yuta with the intention of making fun of him, but gradually her mood rose and she kissed Yuta with momentum.
Yuta was not good at it, but when he came to this point, the man’s desires ignited, and he pushed Kei down and reached for her plump chest ….