Anti-Demon Hunters Asagi 2 episode 1


Animated the second game series of “Anti-Demon Hunters Asagi”, which is the origin of many “Anti-Demon Hunters Asagi 2 series” !!
The thunder sword, which handles many adult animation works, has finally started the anime version Asagi series! !!
Asagi and Sakura’s Anti-Demon Hunters Asagi 2 sisters are remodeled again !! And trained !! Exposing the foolery !!! The

original character is Mr. Kagami who is very popular !!
Mr. Tosai !! For animation production, we appointed Tyrex, who has sent out many adult works to the world !! Tactile ! Training! ○○! And the demon beast! !
Reproduce the many ○○ situations of the original with good tempo !!