Mizugi Kanojo: The Animation episode 3


“Kunoichi who spends time” On
the rooftop of the hospital, Hiroshi rubs Mizuho’s chest in the latest swimsuit, and rubs it over her chest and crotch. For some reason, the “white silver sky” that appeared in the present age is there !! As the two people get excited, the sky also gets hot in the crotch, and the sword sheath is inserted. And …

“Marshmallow Morning”
Mizuho, ​​who bought a new swimsuit, is in a good mood! She contacts Hiro immediately, but Hiro is enthusiastic about her favorite AV “Marshmallow Morning” at her home …

Jun pretends to sleep in a shirt and pants to attract the attention of her savvy boyfriend. To decide. Natsuki, who came to wake up Jun, got excited and started rubbing Jun’s big tits …

“Tokimeki version upgrade”
Marina, who can’t be honest with negative thoughts, turns into a bold, erotic and cool person with her glasses !! Keisuke, a boyfriend who is puzzled by the transformed Marina, goes to the hotel as she is led. Even there, she is invited by aggressive Marina … Marina shakes her hips violently up and down her. With too much momentum, my glasses … !! They return to the shy Marina, but the love of her Keisuke burns