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Mizugi Kanojo: The Animation episode 4

“Hakugin no sora, first experience!”
The “Hakugin no sora” that sneaked into Hiro-kun’s hospital room was mistaken for “Mizuho” who cosplayed as Kuichino, and was taken to an unused operating room …
and more bold. I was forced to change into a bathing suit, which made me feel unprecedented.

“I’ll let you know with your body!”
“Mizuho” was captured by “Sayaka” who was manipulated by three people, and her whole body was licked by the tongue of a giant frog that changed with her mystery … Furthermore, a school swimsuit To “Mizuho” who became …
“Shirogin no Sora” and Hiro rush to the battle!

“1 + 1 girlfriend”
is rich and cool, and Ichimotsu is a “super-class” Sho-kun, and “Suzuka” and “Mari” attack hard! !
Which will win, the big-breasted “Mari” or the “Suzuka” dick that holds the “super-class” cheeks !?