Menkui! episode 2


[Apron attack! ]
One night, when a man returned from work to the room, her cohabiting girlfriend, Reiko, was waiting in a naked apron! …… Reiko who starts a blowjob at the front door.
This was her strategy, which was frustrated recently in a passing life. The man who knew her feelings was with Reiko on the spot …

[My husband, maid, and No. 2 she is part 2]
Akina is giving a blowjob to victory behind the school building. Akina was inevitably serving so that she wouldn’t win against Dutch Wife No. 2. After school, Katsu returned home while worrying about what to do with No. 2.
And when he opened the door of his room, a strange woman in a kimono maid was welcoming him with three fingers.
That woman was No. 2 who transformed into a human being. No. 2 who was robbed of her favorite husband by Akina is approaching victory …!?

[My husband, maid, and No. 2 her 3]
Akina who visited Katsu’s house on her way home from school I was confused by No. 2 who suddenly appeared. She will compete with No. 2 as it is, and two people who will compete for the destination and serve with blowjob and fucking to win.
Akina, who has a rivalry with No. 2 who has a devoted attitude like her maid, shakes her hips violently across her cock.
However, No. 2 blames Akina for her drowning in her pleasures. Caressing her Akina’s body, No. 2 forced her Akina …