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Menkui! episode 1

[I’m sorry! ]
Manami, a sexually evil queen who shatters her pride and pushes her away even if she is approached by a man. Sho, who is super-sick, decides to confess to the beauty of her Manami.
However, although Manami’s poisonous tongue attacks Sho, he doesn’t seem to be able to endure his personality at all, and he approaches further.
Manami is confused but says that if she gets stronger and licks her legs, she can go out with her, but Sho is happy to lick her.
Manami begins to feel her relentless licking of her legs, and Sho sucks on her dick …!?

[Master, maid, and No. 2]
Katsu to watch the maid’s erotic book with a friend on the roof of the school. Akina, a childhood friend, comes over and picks up an erotic book that is swearing as a “maid nerd”.
After school, Akina visits Katsu’s home to return the confiscated erotic books. Katsu was absent, but Akina was forced to wait in the room at the recommendation of Katsu’s mother.
Akina finds a maid outfit hung on the wall of Katsu’s room and decides to wear it, remembering Katsu’s words … And Katsu has returned home when she has finished changing her clothes !!