Rennyu Order: Okawari The Animation episode 1


In a land far, far away called Al Fajar, there’s this drop-dead gorgeous princess named Sasha, rockin’ that beautiful dark skin like a boss. But little did she know, her life was ’bout to do a 180-degree spin. One day, outta nowhere, Sasha gets a letter from Takayuki’s old man. And guess what? It spills the beans that she’s now hitched to our main man, Takayuki, holdin’ it down in Japan while his folks are off doin’ some funky archaeology gig in who-knows-where. Sasha, lookin’ all regal and fierce, shows up at Takayuki’s crib like she just teleported from another dimension. A letter from her pops, basically sealin’ the deal on their union. Takayuki’s mind now is spinning faster than a DJ at a rave. Sasha wastes zero time and straight-up asks for a little “conjugal bonding” action, all in the name of fulfilling her duty to pop out an heir for their kingdom.