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Please Rape Me! episode 1

The main character, Ippei Hosaka, has a desire to “rep”, but he is not courageous enough to put it into practice.
Far from being a rep, the mysterious beautiful girl Sally who had collapsed in the park threatened her to stay at her home.
One day, when she became accustomed to her presence, Sally saw the idol on TV and muttered, “This woman wants to be reped.”
No way … Ippei, who has a desire to rep, is upset.
“I know the woman who wants to be reped. Just as you want to commit a woman, some women want to be fucked. Why do you need to hesitate to fulfill your wishes? “Are you there?”
Sally urges Ippei, who is too abrupt to swallow the story, to “repeat for a woman.”
Ippei thinks while looking at the popular beautiful girl idol, Sakura Kujo, on the screen.
“If she wants her to be replied … I have to make her dream come true !!”

One day, in front of Ippei, who works part-time at a video shop, a beautiful woman. A female college student, Yuma Chidori, appears.
Ippei’s desire to rep explodes when she resumes with her, who had a faint love for her when she was in high school.
Ippei’s Ochinchin lifts her slang to Yuma, who has decided to be her first target.