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Mizugi Kanojo: The Animation episode 1

“Mizuho! Exercise!”
Mizuho has sex in her boyfriend Hiro’s room. Her recent worries are that she is a little hungry due to her lack of exercise. Hiro recommends Mizuho to go on a diet at her part-time job pool. In her reserved pool, Hiro-kun prepared for Mizuho … What a swimsuit ♪ And one size smaller! Hiro-kun was excited in front of the swimsuit that bites into the dick with a whip whip …!

“Water trouble”
Sayaka is a female college student living alone. She is a natural’boke’s girl and has always bothered Takuya, who lives downstairs in her apartment. One night, Sayaka breaks her washing machine and floods her room. When Takuya rushes to hear her scream, Sayaka is naked and wearing a shirt. Takuya is thrilled by her defenseless appearance. The two of them, who had been thinking about each other for a long time, are still wearing soaked shirts …

“Summer Jumbo Mizuho!” + “Light trouble”
Mizuho, ​​who got a little fat again during the summer vacation, receives a special training from Hiro in the sea. Especially. Hiro-kun couldn’t stand again in Mizuho’s swimsuit, which was covered with starfish and sea cucumbers after being kidnapped by the waves …! Meanwhile, at that time, Sayaka and Takuya also came to the beach. She had previously witnessed Mizuho’s pool sex and she wanted to show herself in a swimsuit to Takuya.