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Kagirohi: Shaku Kei – Another episode 4

Aoi was deprived of her physical freedom by the medicines on the iris.
Kaoru begins to speak with her fearless smile.
It is the story of the truth of the accident that struck Aoi’s family and the plot of the strange festival that takes place in the village.

I wanted it ………… Aoi-san,

a festival that takes you to the village.
They associate with a man to get a tribute to it.
Sumire, Hydrangea, Mizuki, and even Kaede.
Each of them is also a poisonous flower that seduces a man for what he wants.
She shakes her hips, holds a meat stick, and squeezes her spirits and shakes indecently.
Pretty girls receive the spirit of a man and shake themselves in pleasure.

In a frenzy, a girl was dying for her own ambitions.
Her madness started the tragedy.
It will be over soon.