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Kagirohi: Shaku Kei – Another episode 2

“Kotori Yu Aoi” who lost her childhood friend “Kirishima Kaede” In order
to grasp the truth of her death, Aoi
became involved with the bewitching girl “Minazuki Hydrangea” of the transfer student.
Aoi who piles up her body every time she meets Hydrangea. Indulge in her actions with her hydrangea, making excuses for her maple in her mouth.
She shook her hips indecently, as if she ridiculed him.
She reveals her secret hidden in stockings, and she invites Aoi with a provocative smile.
On the other hand, Aoi’s friend “Mizuki” was having a relationship with a man in an unpopular school building.

Mizuki “I’ll tell Hydrangea if you don’t commit violently.” Unlike the

innocent appearance shown in the classroom, Mizuki reveals her nasty nature.
Shake his breasts, sway his hips, and devour his lust like a beast.
She also had a hidden speculation …

Mizuki “It’s going to be a big deal ~. Well, I’m not happy”