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Kagirohi: Shaku Kei – Another episode 1

A small village in the mountains.
A girl’s hanging corpse is found in an old school building in a lonely village.
Her girl’s name is “Kirishima Kaede”.
Before her incident, she confided her feelings to her childhood friend, Aoi Takanashi.
Aoi’s memorable face, laughter, and the afterglow of overlapping acts.
A suspicion that crosses Aoi’s mind.
Aoi, convinced that Kaede was killed by someone, takes her action. One day, Aoi is called by a mysterious transfer student, “Minazuki Hydrangea ,”
who was isolated in her classroom . Hydrangea “Come … are you interested in me?” Hydrangea smiles and begins to talk about Kaede’s darkness in her heart and her sick past. The pathologically white and beautiful skin of hydrangea that approaches the tip of Aoi’s nose. With Aoi’s stiff and tense body, she can’t resist the lustrous acts of hydrangea. Hydrangea “I don’t know anything …. Do you want to ask your body directly?”