SiNiSistar episode 1


We got heroine sister named Lavian. She gets sent to this messed up city called Kessaria, where monsters and demons are running wild.  Kessaria is like a freakin’ nightmare. Demons run amok, and the whole place is shrouded in darkness, with an abandoned cathedral as her base. And get this, she’s all by herself, taking on these creepy creatures like a true warrior. Kessaria is like the darkest, most messed up place you can imagine. There are these freaky-ass demons roaming around, just waiting to feast on innocent souls. But Sister Lavian? She ain’t scared, she’s got a mission to investigate what the hell happened to this city.  Sister Lavian ain’t one to give up. She keeps pushing forward, deeper into the heart of darkness that’s swallowing Kessaria whole. She ain’t one to back down, no matter how messed up things get. Sister Lavian dives into the spooky forest surrounding Kessaria, ready to face whatever comes her way. But damn, she falls victim to a group of demons who wander around. They got her surrounded, man. It’s a dire situation, and it looks like she’s about to become demon chow. But then, outta nowhere, something crazy happens. She’s all good, like she woke up from a damn dream or something. It’s like a freakin’ miracle. Sister Lavian escapes unharmed, as if the nightmare she was in just vanished. But now, the air is thick with mystery. She’s left wondering what the hell just went down and questioning the true nature of her mission in this messed up place called Kessaria. Shit just got real.