SiNiSistar episode 2


Sister Lavian the freaky forest and fighting off some wicked-ass creatures. Shit gets real when she starts trippin’ over these messed-up nightmares, but she ain’t one to back down. She digs deep, findin’ that inner strength to keep pushin’ forward. So, she rolls up to this freaky village, where the locals look like they just stepped outta a horror movie where messed-up folks wanderin’ ’round. But Lavian ain’t about to let that spook her. But, Reality starts gettin’ hazy for Lavian, like she can’t tell if she’s stuck in some crazy dream or if this is the real deal. Slowly but surely, it starts eatin’ away at her soul, tearin’ her apart from the inside. Lavian finds herself caught in this unknown twisted world, It’s fked up that you’d almost prefer gettin’ slapped in the face.