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Oneshota The Animation episode 1

“Hello, I’m. Can you tell me a little bit about this world?”
It was the adventurer’s older sisters who came from another world who helped me when I was attacked by a monster in the back mountain. Aria, an elf who is very bright and can get along with anyone, and Lulu, a beastman who is a little shy but really kind.They seem to be in trouble because there is no way to return to the original world and no place to stay.
“If you don’t have a place to go, come to me!” I asked my mother to lend me an old folk house that I’m not using now, for the lifesaver in need. Every day I took care of them was really fun and thrilling. (Although I was often embarrassed and thrilled …) One day, when I heard that they came here looking for a grandmother, I felt a different kind of throbbing …What is this …
Will my sisters tell me?