Elfen Laid episode 1


Europe around the 5th century. Theodora and Helena, the blood-sisters of the barbarian Burgundian royal family, are invaded by the Melvin family, which has become a major force. Theodora ranks her father and horse as commander of her army from the standpoint of the daughter of her patriarch. Once known for its bravery, the Burgundians were killed in action before the large army of Melvins, and the Burgundians were defeated. And Theodora and Helena are also captured.
In front of Theodora, the rough soldiers of the Melvin tribe did their best to the daughters of Burgund who were taken prisoner. Theodora, who does not like her humiliation, tries to commit suicide, but hears rumors that her sister Helena has also been captured and gives up her suicide. She made the hard choice of dedicating herself to save her sister.
Julian, the commander of the Melvin tribe, felt fascinated by the moment he saw Theodora. Even a defeated general is proud of not being able to easily hang his head as the head of a clan. The nobility to throw himself out for his sister. And even more so, what caught his heart was Theodora’s sheer whiteness and perfect beauty.
But Julian also knew that he was a man whose self-confidence couldn’t obediently love such nobility and beauty.
“I want to defile this beauty and nobility.” Pleasure ran through Julian’s mind.