Elfen Laid episode 2


Repeated battles to fierce battlefields. In a battle that seems impossible, Theodora, who continues to win, unknowingly establishes a solid position as the ever-winning general of the Melvin family. He visits Julian to report to Theodora as usual. There, Julian makes Helena hold her thing in a relaxed manner. Theodora accepted that Helena had fallen into such a state, and she had given up. Helena didn’t look at Theodora and she kept sucking.

Julian makes a suggestion to Theodora. It was to return Helena if she could attract Helena’s heart without touching it directly. Theodora’s call does not reach Helena … And a new sortie order was given to Theodora. It was the suppression of the rebellious Burgundians. Theodora took on the task and set sail. Theodora, who couldn’t stand to point his blade at his compatriots, couldn’t carry out the operation as he wanted and was recalled to Julian. However, there is no figure of Helena beside Julian. “What happened to her sister …”, “Punish soldiers who can’t accomplish her mission.”