Crimson Girls: Chikan Shihai episode 2


Female detectives called Crimson Girls. In the world behind the scenes, they seem to be well-known.
Saki Nanase, who is quite sharp and has a good reputation for her skill. It was a group of female fighters who gathered her as a leader.
Kaoru Kanuma, a mysterious man who has succumbed to many women. He targeted the women of Crimson Girls.

One of the members, Mitsu Kuroi, fell into Kaoru’s hand. The obedient Mitsu of her Kaoru’s words did not reveal her former dignity.

Kaoru’s next target was Nozomi Sakura.

She made up molester crimes with her friends, relieving stress and earning pocket money.
Molesters such as Kaoru attack such Nozomi.
Nozomi’s spirit is gradually eroded by the pleasures she has never experienced.
Kaoru’s words echo in Nozomi’s mind while his consciousness is stunned.

“I’ll give you a punishment instead of the poor man who has been embarrassed.”