Dokidoki Little Ooyasan episode 1


Daisuke Tanaka moved into
an apartment that is cheap but rugged.
But rent wasn’t the only attraction of this apartment.
How, the landlord gives me a naughty service on the day of monthly rent payment!
Miyuri Aso, the landlord.
She looks like a Petite but the contents are adults.
Miyuri’s naughty tech, Daisuke is already mellow

“Now, let’s get started.”
“I can’t wait anymore (it looks bright and fun)”

If you put in the rent, you can put in the cock.
Let’s put it all the way in!
If the apartment is narrow, the holes are also narrow.
The landlord’s stomach is also fluffy!
There is also a sister’s service in the morning.
Receiving the sexual desire that has accumulated in the pool,

he is such an on-boro apartment, but
the rent is so high !?
Expected value for the H service of a tiny landlord !!