Dokidoki Little Ooyasan episode 2


Miyuri, a landlord who provides a naughty service every month to Daisuke, a resident of a boro apartment.
Miyuri who got wet in the rain rented a shower in Daisuke’s room and decided to make her etch in a sexy bathrobe as a thank you!
Miyuri squeezes plenty from Daisuke with a naughty hip swing!
The two who sweated a lot decided to take a shower as it was.

“If it’s served so much, my Naka will be full ♪”

Wash Punipuni with the landlord’s body sponge!
Have the whole body washed all over the front, back, top and bottom!
Let’s wash the landlord in return! It’s thick and hard, so its rugged all the way to the back