Blind Night episode 3


Joji Mutsuki, who gained the power of Mado and planned to rule the school, steadily increased his subordinates and became a powerful figure in the shadows. On the other hand, Nozomi Ichijo, a special affairs teacher dispatched to investigate the victimless ○○○ incident that frequently occurs in the private Seimi Gakuen, begins to doubt Joji as a result of a steady investigation.
Joji, who does not know that he is in danger, attacks the beautiful girls in the school one after another while approaching the beautiful student = Miteshigawa Shion, who has been worried for a long time. As a result, the meat ○○ was used to increase the number of victims.
On secretly suspicious of Joji, she is deceived by Joji’s smile and resolves her suspicion. Will Mutsuki Joji’s school rule be completed? Or …?