Blind Night episode 1


The chapel of the famous private school, Seibi Gakuen, was polluted with blood and semen by someone. The criminal is “Mutsuki Joji”. A student who is dissatisfied with life at this school.
Joji, who suddenly gained the power of magic, began to use his forbidden power to rule the school from the back and want to spend his school life with his own desires.
And the result of putting it into practice is this case. In this case = ritual, Joji who made the beautiful girl “Rie Naruse” who is one of the ten best girls in the school into meat ○○, entwined the leader of the bad group “Maki Kano” as a hand piece necessary to suppress other students next time. It was (rough).
On the face of it, Joji plays an ordinary student. However, “Miteshigawa Shien”, who secretly liked him, felt some change from Joji.