Kozukuri Ninkatsu-bu! episode 1


The government goes and sets up “The Fertility Club” to deal with the low birthrate problem, man. Our main dude, he ain’t anything special, just your average Joe. But somehow, he gets chosen to impregnate not one, but two gyaru girls from his class, Umi and Aika. Umi, she’s a total babe. Always rockin’ that makeup and accessories. She’s got that schoolgirl gyaru look going on, and she’s beautiful. Aika, on the other hand, is an absolute stunner. Her body measurements? B103W60H88! She’s got it goin’ on, and not just in the looks department. Aika’s also known for being super kind and mature, always playin’ the big sister role for everyone in school. So, our protagonist, he suddenly finds himself in this harem-like situation with these two gorgeous gyaru girls. The mc’s filled with extreme excitement, man. He’s ready to fulfill his duty as a potential father.