Soshite Watashi wa Sensei ni episode 3


“Oh no, not again…” Shiori sighed as she felt the unexpected intrusion in the morning in the toilet, followed by a fiery wave of frustration as she was filled up with her step father’s penis while being scolded with harsh words. During the test, she was on high alert for any more embarrassing pranks from her teacher. But just as she thought she was safe, the despicable teacher shoved his stick into her mouth and restrained her hands while the rest of the class was oblivious. She tried to endure the discomfort while servicing him, but her friend Mei was watching with a lustful gaze. Shiori left with a parting shot to Mei, who had teased her on the rooftop. And as if the situation wasn’t already strange enough, another changes was beginning to take place…