Junjou Decamelon episode 2


“Act 3: I’m gonna be a model!” Kaede and Hoshiya got chosen for the library committee gig, thinking it’d be all vanilla and wholesome. But damn, their mischievous sides couldn’t be contained. Rose, the one in charge, got worried about their wild behavior. So, to tame ’em, Rose cooked up a plan: Kaede would become a life drawing model. And let me tell ya, they turned heads, couldn’t contain their excitement.

“Act 4: I couldn’t help but cry, dammit!” Finally, Rose came out of their shell! Since that life drawing gig, they got hooked on playing with their backdoor. School was all about keepin’ it cool, but behind closed doors, Rose was gettin’ busy. While they were doin’ their thing in the library, Inuta suddenly appeared and poured his heart out. Kaede and Hoshiya, on the other side of the bookshelf, couldn’t help but feel their own emotions twistin’ and tanglin’.

“Final Act: We’ll always be together!” The gang went on a seaside school trip. When night fell, they planned to have a stargazing sesh, but no one showed up. Hoshiya whispered to Kaede that they could strip down on the beach without a care in the world. They stripped down, ran around naked, just pure carefree joy. Watchin’ that sight, Hoshiya’s feelings for Kaede grew even stronger.