Hitoriga Counseling episode 2


Araki’s counseling for “Training”
Shirakawa continued in the school. Shirakawa waits by opening a hole in the butt in a private room of the men’s toilet for staff. Araki who stands naked on the rooftop in Shirakawa in a blouse and commits anal in the back. ○○ Shirakawa was released from the surgical condition and returned to me, but the aphrodisiac gradually made her body hot … “This is no good …”

The infirmary in the evening. Shirakawa thinks that it is a dream again, although her wrist is restrained half-naked on the bed and she is trained by Kurahashi. Araki plays the training video so far … Excited Kurahashi, Shirakawa realizes that it wasn’t a dream !! Shirakawa is deprived of her virginity by the crazy Kurahashi and turns her body back in severe pain. However, while despising Kurahashi like this, it feels good …

Shirakawa is raped from behind by prostrating in a vaulting box and spreading his hips in a physical education warehouse. Contrary to his heart, he continues to deny it in words, but when Kurahashi takes out the anal pearl, he has a limit of patience. After that, Shirakawa inserts Kurahashi’s thing with his own hands.