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Otome Dori episode 1

Kazuki Okino is an ordinary student.
He was a little noisy everyday, but there was a little happiness there.

Rinka, a younger sister who loves mischievous things and always annoys her but loves Kazuki.
And one year older, the childhood friend Sakuragi Maiden who takes care of something.
She is a beautiful maiden and has a good style, and is the target of boys’ admiration in the school.
The care-giving of such a maiden has already penetrated as a part of Kazuki’s life.
It looks like a newlywed couple, not to mention her sister.

The two are in love with each other, but neither has confessed and they are not dating as lovers.
However, Kazuki thought that if he stayed like this, he would go out as a lover and eventually get married.
All you have to do is wait for happiness to come here.
However, such a faint feeling was shattered by a single DVD delivered to Kazuki …