Otome Dori episode 2


The DVD containing the maiden’s shame is sent to Kazuki without interruption.
Unlike the beginning, the maiden in the video actively accepted the penis of strangers.
What’s more, she falls in the video until she declares her child-rearing and marriage with a stranger.
Kazuki was suffering from a feeling of helplessness. One day, a scene she didn’t want to see jumped into Kazuki’s eyes, and
it was Rinka who had sex with a stranger father. The conversation you hear.
And Kazuki is shocked by her words brought from Rinka’s mouth.
Kazuki, who was upset, was beaten by another father who came from behind and fainted.
He finds that Kazuki who wakes up cannot move.
The truth told from Rinka’s mouth in front of Kazuki who can’t move.
The story of the maiden, Kazuki, Rinka, and the three of them ends.