Hitoriga Counseling episode 4


“Sumire Shirakawa surrounded by irresistible demands”
on all fours. She continued to resist the request that she pee in front of everyone.
Shirakawa reaches the limit of patience while she is stirred in the anal and one leg is lifted like a dog.

“Bullying retaliation”
Araki hinted at the girl who was oppressing Shirakawa.
In her train, the crotch of a strange man is groped and her own dick is also touched. Pushing the dick against the penis on the train as it is …!?

“Today, with the teacher …”
Shirakawa stood in front of the mirror and saw himself growing up. She is undressed by Kurahashi on the bed.
Shirakawa, who kept waiting for this time, wrapped Kurahashi’s penis in her grown-up breasts …