Soshite Watashi wa Ojisan ni episode 2

Nana Mi, who was robbed for the first time by Sakiyoshi’s father, who trusted her, was deprived of her for the first time.
Shohei is in a good mood with Kanako at his home, which should have been relieved when he was the only one away.
Her inexhaustible desire attacks Nanami even at her home …

“Stop, please”

Desperately refuses Shohei’s hand to insert under the living room table so that her Kanako will not find it. Nanami tries to do it.
This waste … In Nanami’s room, Nanami is grabbed by her head and forced to hold her cock.
Her uncle’s mark is carved into Nanami everywhere …
Why is this …
Shohei hugging Nanami from behind her in a school, in an empty classroom …

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