Soshite Watashi wa Ojisan ni episode 3


Nanami can’t believe what she sees. Next to me, Shohei hangs down in a stunned self-defeat, where Sakura, who should have protected her, doesn’t know … in front of the teacher … with such an ecstatic face …
“No, please stop …”
Nanami thinks vaguely Shohei playing with his body.
She should be in shock, but she wonders if she’s trying to escape from reality by humiliating her. Nanami knows her waste, but she resists.
She asks more than ever. Shohei coming.
After-school calls are forcibly seated in the passenger seat of her car and taken to an unpopular place, Nanami, a place like a parked field.
However, there are many similar cars around. There was a crowd of people peeking at it …
“Where is this?”
“It’s a little-known spot for car sex. You can feel it while being seen by everyone.”
I couldn’t escape from the overlying Shohei …