Creamy Pie episode 2


“Suddenly Arisu-chan”
The pretty girl who suddenly appeared in front of her was called “Alice Fairy”.
She suddenly hugged me as a brave man. I don’t know what she was doing, but she
suddenly had her crotch exposed and sucked.
She said something incomprehensible about the world over there, and
I’m a brave man! Alice seems to have been her staff and her lover, and seems to have followed this world …
Aggressive and forcible, the feeling of thinking about me was conveyed.
“A lot of semen, I love vaginal cum shot” (Alice)

“Crystal Baby”
Mika, despite knowing that Miyuki and the manager are lovers,
give a little bit to the manager’s cock and Miyuki tells the fact. I witness it.
When Miyuki asked Ryota her true feelings in the waiting room, she
was told that she liked herself, and Mika was distracted …
“I’m sorry, not me …” (Mika)
“More I love you a lot, because it’s me … “(Miyuki)

” Crystal Baby 2 ” It was supposed to be a date with just two people, but Mika came along! ??
Three naked people in the same bed … why?
Mika said she liked Ryota but she gave up because she didn’t get into that relationship … but she didn’t do anything wrong
with her favorite person! !!
It’s supposed to be a rival of love, but the three of us are going to get along with each other