Creamy Pie episode 1


“The way of the heart”
Always at the same time and place …
I am very happy when I am alone. But even if it’s a crush …
“Aoi Sugawara” has a crush on the soccer club (MF) “Keiji Nishimura”.
Aoi was always looking at it from the classroom window.
She waited for Keiji to make up her mind and tell her thoughts, but she witnessed her confessed by another girl in front of her and her tears. Wets her cheeks.
She realized she liked her so much …
During the rainy season, Keiji was there when she arrived at the bus stop while getting soaked.
“You can’t just look at it. I don’t want to get hurt anymore … I like Nishimura-kun for a long time …”

“Virtual x Real”
“Masami” always reads magazines at “Sho”‘s house. rice field.
Masami casually said the name of her doujinshi circle on her desk when she was about to return in the evening.
She shouldn’t miss a word she shouldn’t know, grab her hand and ask.
“Women also look at douujinshi and do masturbation?”
Masami gets confused by her question. Sho, I think she looks cute …
“Why don’t you do something naughty like a douujinshi?”

“Ribbon, chocolate and love lover”
Usually quiet “Yuzuha Nagamine”. She has been dating soccer club captain “Tomo” for half a year.
valentine’s day. Still, the girl who confesses to Tomo can’t stand after her. There are a lot of chocolates on the desk.
At Tomo’s house, Yuzu wraps a ribbon around her naked body and gives her a special chocolate.
“As a girlfriend, as her lover, I want to give you a present that will be a memorable one for only two people …