Soshite Watashi wa Ojisan ni episode 1


Nanami and Sakura are best friends.
Nanami, a bullish girl who can be relied on like her sister, and Sakiyoshi, who is disproportionate to her modest but energetic and cute appearance.
The two close friends who spend time at the same school are also family members. On my days off, I went out for a drive with Sakiyoshi’s dad, Shohei, and I thought that Shohei, who treats me as kindly as my daughter, would be the partner of my single mother, Kanako.
Nanami trusted her … until then …

“What … what are you doing … uncle …” The

sight of suddenly jumping into ordinary everyday life is an uncle full of fun and kindness. It wasn’t the figure of Shohei, but the figure of Shohei looking for Sakira
‘s room while exposing the fierceness of the beast …

“I feel uncomfortable …”

The words were the most despised words to intensify the bare desires that had been hiding in the shadows until then …