Enjo Kouhai Episode 6


a transfer student at ark gakuen, sakura hana.
she is a childhood friend of her homeroom teacher and a princess priestess who is the head of the demon clan.
in the past, sakurahana had been fondling her like a little sister, but at the first reunion in several years, she witnessed him and her student “e-jo” and her anger exploded.
he sealed his homeroom teacher’s meat stick with a demon spell.
“you’re dirty, big brother,” said the homeroom teacher,
who was unable to do “e-jo” due to sakura hana’s hand.
he manages to persuade her, but sakurahana is stubborn.
so he goes to the last resort…
a sweet gasp that could not be imagined from the dignified gesture.
released from the solemn japanese dress, richly grown busty breasts.
as a childhood friend and teacher, she gently unravels sakura’s heart, which has been holding her back from her own.
in the demon’s living room… it should have been.
tears burst into the demon’s eyes!? it’s more extreme than usual in the service scenes, and it’s a gold rod to the demon.