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Love x Holic: Miwaku no Otome to Hakudaku Kankei The Animation episode 2

Taichi has become popular with Demi women due to the power of “Awakening Magic”.
What appeared in front of him was Suzuka Onigami, who had rejected Taichi’s confession the other day.
At the behest of his mother, Suzuka had no choice but to have sex for awakening, but when the sex started, her attitude changed completely.
He kisses deeply and climaxes and awakens violently.
She is attracted to the “awakening demon” released from Taichi’s body, and the temptation of the Demi women becomes more and more intense.
Meanwhile, Beni, Seira, and Suzuka approach Taichi.
Each of them has sex with Taichi in turn, but the three are still not satisfied.
We called Taichi into the classroom at night, and everyone devoured Taichi’s magic elements all at once …!