Enjo Kouhai episode 8


Arks Academy, selected as the model case for a school with a mixture of different races, was worried about a recent absence of Ursula, who was found by the teacher in the night’s entertainment district. Ursura, dressed in a school uniform, is at the peak of allure in the night’s street. The teacher tries to bring back the girl who was playing a gyaru girl. Urthura whispers to him, who is immersed in irresistible pleasure, with her intense seduction and intense interaction with her transformed body. “Forget everything and become mine.” A voluptuous body that satisfies the man’s carnal desires and an alluring invitation that forgets resistance. The man’s desires as a man and his reason as a teacher, he is shaken between them, but what future does he really hope for? And what is the true heart of Ursula, the dragon princess? The beautiful breasts of the dragon Ursula that is bouncing on her soft brown skin. With her body’s massive growth, her final weapon, her huge breasts and beautiful breasts, how long can you endure your chinchin?