Enjo Kouhai episode 9


The story of Ark Academy’s teacher continues… We got this teacher, right, who’s just tryna help out his mermaid assistant, Elio, a straight-up popular from the idol group “Aquamarina.” So, the deal was supposed to be just for one day, But turns out, this teacher got caught up in some shit. It was a multi-day tour, where he’d be livin’ it up with these active idols from sunrise to sunset.

The Trio : Let’s meet these idols who got this teacher’s head spinnin’ like a toilet paper. First up, we got Eira, this caramel goddess with a rack that’ll make the teacher weak in the knees. She ain’t afraid to flaunt what she got, and damn, she got a lot. Then we got Elsie, the definition of that natural, carefree vibe. And the third is Elio herself. Day after day, he surrendered himself to the seductive melodies of these mermaid idols.