Enjo Kouhai episode 2


Hakobune Gakuen was chosen as a model case for a school with different races.
Aegis, an escort knight who moved in with the elf princess Iris.
She works with Iris’s escort to support her homeroom teacher’helping’to Iris.
Aegis is an excellent knight, but he seems to be too serious about her role.
no problem. If you want to put it out, just put it out.
Aegis who is also in charge of the fine processing of her homeroom teacher when she can not do iris.
She seems to play a role, and she shakes her well-grown breasts and taut buttocks to serve Ichimotsu.
Her homeroom teacher is worried about having relationships with multiple students and feeling guilty about reaching out to her subordinates.
However, there was some shadow in her dignified expression of Aegis …
Hero mating with the elf princess Iris.
Iris who is continuously vaginal cum shot and collapses.
Without a break, the escort knight Aegis was replaced by hero!?