Enjo Kouhai episode 4


The elf Iris and Aegis, the dragon Ursula, and the teacher in charge of “helping” were worried about having children with them every day.
Not good as a teacher, above all I don’t have it.
Under him who was worried, an invitation comes from Iris.
“Teacher? Could you come to my room this weekend?”
It was the iris’s racy swimsuits that jumped into his eyes when he visited the room.
They were planning to entertain him so that the number of “helps” would not be reduced.
The teacher who is upset by the situation where the important students are approaching with the body of an innocent girl.
His reason is on the verge of collapse due to the soft touch of stroking the whole body and the lovely pant voice that echoes in his ears.
Ursula, Aegis, and even Iris reveal their nasty instincts …