Ero Ishi: Seijun Bishoujo o Kotoba Takumi ni Hametai Houdai episode 1


I’m a patient, I can handle it properly!
Ueda, who casually turns on the camera by the side where Reina, a tsundere gal, is lining up her complaints on the delivery table, is a metamorphosis obstetrician and gynecologist who records the medical examination situation without permission and stores the side dish archive. Met.
Reina who spreads her crotch without knowing the endless vaginal cum shot that she pretended to inject medicine into the vagina through the partition and pushed up her cock, saying that it would be dangerous if she did not use contraception.
I’m just confused by her vaginal cleansing that makes her feel good with her bright red face …
Ayano-chan, a serious and sullen girl, seems to be attached to her.
As a result of confessing her vaginal opening inflammation to her repeated hobby masturbation … Like Reina, there was no way to know that she would be pierced by Ueda’s doctor stick and robbed of her virginity …