Hitoriga Counseling episode 1


1. “○○”
Sumire Shirakawa encounters a molester on a crowded train while commuting to school, and she is teased until she incontinence without being able to make her voice.
She was just counseled at the recommendation of her teacher, Kurahashi, who was on board with her, which was the beginning of her training leading to her obsceneness.

2. “Overrun”
Sumire during her counseling eats a drug-containing tea prepared by her doctor, Araki.
When I noticed, the men were groping all over my body in a crowded train, and eventually my hands turned into violet moist and moist black tights … 3. Violet who woke up in the bed of the

clinic, I visit the doctor, Araki, but my consciousness goes away again …
The next time she wakes up, she begins to rape her asshole in front of her classmates, who Kurahashi is testing.
Gradually, the violet heart is dyed in pleasure color …