Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo: Anata to Koibito Tsunagi episode 1


A sudden confession from Reo, who was always caring and taking care of her.
She hesitates unintentionally When she turns her lonely eyes on herself. Mai is made aware of her feelings.

“I also like Reo
The feelings that were shared with each other on the bed in the infirmary in the evening … embarrassedly bear fruit.

One day … Reo, who went down due to a cold, took a rest from the school, and Mai, who was worried, occasionally visited … Mai, who was sleeping and attacked Reo, forcibly and gently wiped her sweaty body. go.
“Hey, Mai, that’s not right.”
The hand that should have wiped her back wraps around the modest Reo’s breast, and the lit Reo’s lips are Mai’s moist lips. Blocked …
Reio’s room. There’s nothing in the way of the two hugging each other …
“Because … Reo, it’s cute.”

Mai’s words crawling her lips on Reo’s skin with her moist eyes. Reo was holding Mai’s hand tightly …