Do S na Seitokaichou-sama ga M Note ni Shihai Saremashita episode 2


Sata who smashed his ass with the power of the notebook that picked up senior Shino, the assistant chairman.
Having witnessed that power, Sata wrote in his notebook the length of his thoughts that he had admitted until now …
It is ridiculous to publicly admit that all women are turned into M ○○ and served. It was a thing.

“Hey, Sata-kun, wake up!”
The only thing that appeared in the morning greetings was Chairman Mina, who was swearing at herself. However, in front of her, along with a remodeled uniform that generously shows off her rich huge breasts, ”
Master, I’ll be late if I don’t do it early.”
It was the appearance of Chairman Mina … but

“I’m in trouble with M ○○ if the master doesn’t do it well.
” “Ma, Mina, it’s a command, get your hands on it and expose your ass.”