Slave Doll 2: Fragile Hearts episode 1


And maid (android maid) Aki, who was developed to secure excellent sperm in various fields, continues to be ○○ by her husbands …
RAILWAY: In the train that my husband rented out. Many strange men in the car. Aki getting in. In the car with eerie air, many hands approach Aki’s body …. It was a XX train prepared for Aki.
FIGHT: Aki goes out to Akihabara at the request of her husband. Her target store was in a dubious building. She is confused, but she visits the store, but she suddenly loses her mind when someone attacks her from behind her. When she woke up, Aki was remodeled into a maid fight and maid … It was a XX fight between Andmaids that Aki experienced for the first time.
EPIROGUE: Aki suddenly gets thrown into a strange warehouse. Stranger men approaching. There was a harsh reality that Aki never imagined …