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Oujo & Onna Kishi W Do Gehin Roshutsu episode 1

Kingdom of Erstein —
During the time when the seven nations of the continent were divided into groups, the two major nations, “Kingdom of Erstein” and “Empire of Dominus,” were in a state of battle for a long time.
Dominus soldiers marching through a city surrounded by flames.
The Dominus Empire was a cruel fighting nation, robbing uniformed lands.
On the other hand, the kingdom of Erstein lived a peaceful and prosperous life, with its territory protected by strong walls and powerful defensive magic transmitted to the royal family.
“Hurray in the Kingdom of Erstein! Elise-sama, hurray !!”
Born as a princess in the Kingdom of Erstein, Elise was an ideal princess who loved the people and was loved by the people.
From an early age, she had a happy life with Anna, a female knight who served both public and private.
But Elise had her worries.
She is the ideal princess and her true self. The stress that comes from her gap eventually leads to her desire to expose everything …
She is more thrilling, more inspiring, more pleasant.
In front of her people, her own desires eventually become a reality.
Anna sees the situation, and when she asks her magician Baldur, it is said that the magic cast on Elise can be solved if there is a substitute, and she falls into her plot.
Anna, a female knight dressed as a dimly lit tavern in a back alley in a castle town at night, and Elise, a princess dressed as a whore, expose her ugliness in front of the people and play with her body.
Elise, who continued to seek unstoppable exposure pleasure, couldn’t stand her and spit out her forbidden defensive magic.
The moment the light is emitted, the country turns into a perishing figure …