Blind Night episode 2


At the famous private school, Seimi Gakuen, there are many nasty mysterious cases reminiscent of sex crimes.
The school principal, who took the situation seriously, asked the special teacher “Ichijo Nozomi” to handle the scandal in secret.
“Joji Mutsuki”, the criminal of such an incident, uses “Rie Naruse” and “Maki Kano” who became his own flesh, and steadily expands his power.
And the poisonous fangs were also directed to the devout Christian “Sister Manami”. Sister Manami is tied up with her rough rope and forced to look like ○○ with her plump breasts exposed.
Joji begins her dark ritual while looking at her foolery with satisfaction. Sister Manami, who succumbed to her blame, gradually awakens to the sex of a “woman”