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Kotowari: Kimi no Kokoro no Koboreta Kakera episode 1

The main character, who has transferred to a town of history and tourism.
When he was young, half of his soul was eaten by the existence of “Koujin with fangs”, so he is associated with a special monster called “Kotowari” who nests in the darkness of the human soul who was involved with him even a little. It became a constitution.

One day, on the rooftop of the school building, Miyo and Gardenia Hatsuka are having a conversation with Kotowari’s Yamabiko.
Early summer that seems to have lost something. It is said that Tsuburaya Minamo (Tsubura and her all) in the form of a detective will appear there and solve this case.
The princes who follow everyone who starts listening. Searching around the school and the city, we also listen to Yuki, Kiyomi, and Ayame.
Along the way, Ayame’s big breasts, Yuki and Kiyomi’s skirts were filled with a naughty trouble, starting with everyone running out of control.

Minamoto Miyo, the air that surrounds them is like a date.
However, in the meantime, Miyo gets entangled in a defect that favors Yuki. Everyone worried for the injured prince.
The two who feel good will continue to develop naughty …

The school on the roof during class.
Miyo goes to report in early summer that he couldn’t find what he had promised.
However, the two are preached by a female teacher who suddenly appears.
Early summer when you pull out your hand and suddenly start running. Behind the quiet gymnasium, the presence of the noisy gardenia is erased in early summer.
And, as if the feelings that had been sealed up to now were released at once, he hugged him and entwined his tongue.
Two people who are entwined violently in the physical education warehouse ….

Before the fierce battle with a monster called “Kotowari”.
The carefree smile that everyone shows in early summer saves your heart.