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Mistreated Bride episode 2

Mitsuko, who is all-you-can-eat from front to back by Tatsumi Tomizo and his brother-in-law Koji. Eventually, they began to seek their own best. Every morning in the toilet, Koji’s urine and the cock of the morning stand are processed, and in the room, anal is pushed out and a man’s milk is begged. In front of her mother-in-law, in front of his daughter, she clings to a meat stick, contrary to her front face. One day, when he invites his brother-in-law on his way home from school and indulges in lust in a Japanese-style room, his mother-in-law, Sumie, enters the room with two gardeners. The impatient Mitsuko and Koji suddenly hide in the closet naked, but they witness an unexpected sight there. The second masterpiece drawn by Tsuzuru Miyabi, the original author of “Taboo Charming Mother”! Keep an eye on new developments! !!