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Lovely x Cation The Animation episode 2

“Happy and cheerful classmate”
Receives a confession from Yuki on the roof of the school.
After school, she invites Yuki to her home and gives her awkward first kiss for the first time.
Yuki lay down on the bed and entrusted herself to her …

“Stylish 姐 -san Health Doctor”
I was injured during a physical education class, and I was treated by a health doctor, Sera. She actually has a secret relationship with Sera at the school.
The good thing about her lack of attention is that Sera exposes her boobs …

“Sweet sister with full capacity”
Indoor pool after school. She helped clean the pool after observing the club activities taught by Misasa.
I’m glad to see you, but even though I’m dating, I’ve been thrilled by the line of sight that I’ve been looking at more than necessary recently.
It’s not just Misasa, but she’s irresistible in her sexy swimsuit and begins to rub her breasts from behind her …!?